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Ol' Kentucky Shark
12 July 2010 @ 05:50 pm

FIGHT! begins with a splash.
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Ol' Kentucky Shark
07 July 2010 @ 05:39 pm

FIGHT: Promo02
by ~Maukingbird on deviantART

Written by Kevin Church, FIGHT! is a webcomic with the simple aim of encompassing everything we love about superheroes and none of the stuff we hate.

Pretty much just by having fun.

Visit WWW.FIGHT-COMIC.COM to view the completed promotional strip (with dialogue!) and subscribe to our RSS feed!

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Ol' Kentucky Shark
28 April 2010 @ 09:05 pm

FIGHT: Promo01
by ~Maukingbird on deviantART


Read more about Kevin Church, Agreeable Comics and our upcoming collaboration, FIGHT!, in this excellent interview at Battlemouth:

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Ol' Kentucky Shark
I drew a pin-up for Kevin Church and Benjamin Birdie's webcomic, THE RACK.


Proof that I still draw things, if but once every other month.

(soon to change)

Ol' Kentucky Shark
25 January 2010 @ 11:08 pm

by ~Maukingbird on deviantART

"In blackest day, in brightest night,
Beware your fears made into light
Let those who try to stop what's right,
Burn like my power... Sinestro's might!"
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Ol' Kentucky Shark
31 December 2009 @ 10:10 pm
Dear 2009,

It's become ABUNDANTLY clear that you and I are looking for very different things. That's okay, y'know, some things just aren't meant to be. It doesn't mean we didn't have some good times, we did. We totally did. And, y'know, those times we had together? The good times? They still mean a lot to me, really. I'm always gonna be able to look back and remember all those great concerts and finally getting back on the stage doing stupid voices and having one of my most interesting Halloweens ever... but, y'know... as things go, mistakes were made. Feelings got hurt on both ends. We also met some great new friends, though, and the adversity even managed to strengthen some of the friendships that were already there. Sometimes that's all you can ask for, I guess, right? Strength through adversity?

But, y'know... I think it was clear early on that it was just not gonna work between us. I mean... we tried. We really, really tried and there was so much I liked about you and so much I hoped for the two of us... There were times were it seemed like it was really gonna happen for us, 2009, but in the end it just got way too messy, way too confusing and in spite of all the great things we had between us, anymore I just find myself getting angry just thinking about you and what you did to me, 2009. I put a lot of faith in you, a lot of trust, and you just continued to let me down. Were there things I could've done different? Sure. There were a lot of things I could've handled better but, in the end, it doesn't really make any difference, does it? It was bound to end up this way sooner or later. I just wish it had been sooner. Then, maybe, I wouldn't end up feeling this frustrated and hurt.

But, hey... I'll get through it. I'm getting through. Every little bit helps. Every friendly ear, every chance I have to bury myself in the things I love... my comics, my art, great films, great music... It all goes into building a better me-- And I think that's what we all want, right? The best version of ourselves. I wasn't my best with you, 2009. There were moments, but all-in-all, the timing was off with us. That's okay, y'know, because I... well... I don't know how to say this, 2009, but... I don't think we should see each other anymore. ...Like... At all. I just think it's best if we just cut ties completely, 2009. I know we both thought we could be friends, but it's just not good for us. We had some fun and I do wish you well, but we're not good for each other, 2009.

I want to start seeing other years. I'm going to start spending some time with 2010. I think there's some potential there, but we'll see where things go. Most of all, I just wanna work on myself. Refocus on my art, get back on the stage some more, maybe learn the guitar. I need to work on me and I can't do that with you hanging around. I get this pit in my stomach and I think about all the things that went wrong and all the potential that went unfulfilled and I can't do that. I need to look forward. I need a clean slate, a fresh start. Maybe 2010 will allow me that, maybe not, but I have to see where it goes. If not, there's always other years. I just gotta do what's best for me, right?

So, this... I guess this is goodbye. Things were tricky but you meant a lot to me, 2009. I learned a lot about myself and there were some really powerful memories that I'll carry with me always. You were... well, you were something else. For good and for bad.

I wish things could've been different between us.

Take care.


Tracie "Subtext" Mauk
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Ol' Kentucky Shark
23 April 2008 @ 11:06 pm

It's all official-like!  In the May 2008 issue of PREVIEWS (for products shipping in July), in the bottom left-hand corner of page 171!


I have provided artwork for a short (2 page) "Where Are They Now?" segment in Todd Nauck's WILDGUARD: INSIDER 3, featuring the little-seen rejected contender, Running Girl.

Story by Todd Nauck, pencils and inks by me, extraordinary colors by my longtime friend and frequent ALMOST-collaborator, Jeremy Treece.  (we FINALLY did it!)

It's been an absolute honor and thrill to be asked to contribute to Wildguard.  I've been a fan of Todd's "made-for-tv" superhero team since they debuted.  It's fun, character-driven superhero stuff and Todd has assembled a talented batch of newcomers and established pro's to handle the art what has become a fun tradition of "Where Are They Now?" stories focusing on the dozens of characters that failed to make the grade in the first series, "Casting Call."  The issues' lead stories are written and drawn by Todd and he's got a great new style he's bringing into it, blending his traditional superhero art, as seen in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Young Justice, with his streamlined animated style as used in Teen Titans Go!

The issue ships July 9th (just four days before my birthday!)

For a preview of the art, please check out maukingbird.deviantart.com.
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Ol' Kentucky Shark
06 December 2007 @ 10:35 pm
18 weeks since last entry. Way to go!

I'll make excuses another time.

Just wanted to write quick before I pass out. (which I should've done 37 minutes ago)

I had one of my worst dreams ever last night and woke up shaking. I dunno if I was shaking because of the cold or if I was physically reacting to the most real fear and terror I've ever experienced in a dream. Usually my dreams have a whimsical bend to them, even if they're supposedly serious.

This has been the second of what I will call my "Post Apocalyptic" series of dreams within the last few months. There are several movies I could blame for this but I think the feelings of last night's were based more on what happened yesterday.

Now, my dream had nothing to do with malls or even guns but it did take place in Omaha (in Stacie's basement) and it involved my dearest friends being gruesomely taken away from me one by one in what I can only describe as some sort of violent plague. Something airborne that took them away and left only the most awful, twisted, soulless version of them possible. I can blame the mental scarring I think I received from watching 30 Days of Night and The Mist and I can blame my feelings of fear and anger over yesterday that I think had a more profound effect on me than I realized at the time (but felt very much all day today).

The entire day was a very wrong-foot sort of ordeal. Driving through our first heavy snowfall to get to work, I was running late because of road conditions and laziness (plus stupidity) and when I jumped out of my car, I managed to shut my knee in the car door. (it still hurts)

The radio seemed like it was trying to help by playing "Groove Is In The Heart" out of nowhere, but alas I've been pretty depressed/off-feeling all day and in desperate need of a hug that I did not ever receive (nor did I solicit).

I'm sort of concerned about what terrible sort of world I'll visit in my sleep, tonight. My dreams usually don't effect me as profoundly and physically as this last one did but they have, of late, been very dark.

Hopefully I will soon return to the sort of ridiculous dreamscapes wherein Joss Whedon unravels my pants with the tug of a single thread.

(yes, you read that correctly... and i swear to you it was totally innocent)
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Ol' Kentucky Shark
31 July 2007 @ 10:34 pm
Who's going to be at Wizard World Chicago next weekend?

I shall.

Want maybe I follow you around like puppy dog?

Or just says hi?

Can do!

I feel strange and alone without my San Diego Entourage to count on to make me seem like an acceptable member of the human race. (or what passes for such at a comic con) You know how better to force art from me? IN PERSON, is how! (with violence)

See you (in Chicago) space cowboy...

(please no violence)
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Ol' Kentucky Shark
17 July 2007 @ 10:39 pm
Nebraska Has Highest Gas Prices in U.S.

That's right, fools! WE WIN! Suck on THAT, won't you?




Aw, shoot.

(how come we only win at being crappy???)

Also, I guess I'm blogging again, maybe. (and also, ALIVE!)

I believe the words were... See you space cowboy...
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